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Bouzouki - Deluxe

Irish bouzouki, Octave Mandolin

Bouzouki - Standard

Irish Bouzouki

This Item is made to order - Eight weeks delivery

Irish Bouzoui  Has a scale length of 20"  to 25"
Four bouble strings tuned to GG - DD -A A - dd 
It has a big bright sound.
Very easy instrument to play, and very enjoyable.
It comes with a well padded soft-shell case  
Made from all solid Hardwood, with Sitka Spruce top
I offer a lifetime warranty to original owner

Top - Sitka Spruce
Body - Curly Maple
Neck - Curly Maple
Fingerboard - Rosewood
Tailpiece - Brass (for ball end strings)
Truss Rod - Double action
Tuners - Individual geared
Case - Soft-shell
Made to order (8 weeks build time)

Bouzouki - Deluxe CAN $1600
Bouzouki - Standard CAN $1200
Pickup installed CAN $70


Bouzouki Sound Sample


Bouzouki - Deluxe

Irish Bouzouki, Octave Mandolin Back

Bouzouki - Deluxe

Irish Bouzouki, tuners

Bouzouki - Standard

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