Customer feed back

(Over last 25 years)

Hello Stan. I would like to compliment you on the superb mandolin. I live in an area where there is great activity and many folks play bluegrass and old time music, and there are many great mandolin players around. Because of that I have had the opportunity to play all types of mandos, from inexpensive Chinese models to Gilchrists and Gibsons. Your mandolin, in my opinion, is among the best, and it is the best one I have ever had the pleasure of owning. Peace to you and yours, your friend in East Tennessee,


I just want to tell you now that I am VERY happy with the cittern!

One last thing before I get back to work: could you possibly
send me a signed internal label for the cittern? The one in it only has your company name and the date. But 1 would much prefer one that you have actually signed yourself, since, when the world finally fully realizes how good your instruments are, that should increase its value. ... And, of course, you also fully DESERVE the credit for building such a gem!


Hello Mr. And Mrs. PopeI just purchased one of you mandolins today from the Acoustic Guitar Store here in Calgary, I have beenplaying with it all afternoon and having so much fun. It plays great and sounds marvellous.I just wanted to say thank you for great mandolin at a price that isn't in the stratosphere, I could finally afford to buy one.


Dear Stan,                                                                        I am a guitarist who plays for Ann Murray, and I just purchased one of you mandolins from the Halifax Folklore Centre. I'm so happy with the beauty and quality that you have put into this instrument. My wife had bought me one of those Korean "junkie" mandolins for Christmas and I was luckily able to take it back for a refund.

Hi Stan,                                                                            I have been on a concert tour of China for the last two weeks and got back two days ago. Waiting for me when I arrived home was your Dulcimer! Thank you so much - I absolutely love the instrument! It has a wonderful quality of tone and boy is it loud (for a dulcimer!!) It will take me a little time to get used to as I am used to playing a Mountain Dulcimer on my lap but it is definitely my new favourite! Thank you also for including the spare strings.  Once again, many, many thanks.                                                                           All best wishes,  Andy  E


Received the Strum stick today. Arrived in fine shape and it's great. You do very nice work and it sounds wonderful. Thanks Stan

Dale E

Hi Stanley Received the instrument last week and found the GDAD tuning very intuitive, never really played it before.
On the whole the Octave is beautiful, still that new smell of glue and varnish. The deep body and walnut back and side provide a more sustained resonance. The intonation is true, and the neck has a very comfortable feel. The test comes this weekend when I take it to Nashville to play with a group of americana typ pickers. Last week I was in Knoxville with a rock/blues band.  I will let you know how that goes. I will play and mandolin tuning with that gig; I have to brush up on some hornpipes.    Dan









Stan, i cant go to bed tonight before i write to let you know how pleased i am with the instrument. Wow! I can't put it down. It is everything i hoped it would be, and i am impressed with ure craftsmanship, ur use of truly beautiful woods, and your artistry. Thank you, stan. I will be
sending you customers and buying again from you in the future.

Stan,                                                                                I got my dulcimer in fine condition and have played it nearly constantly for the past week. The only reason I stopped was because my fingers were about to bleed! You make a great instrument. Keep up the good work.Best Regards,Matt P


Dear Stan,The little strummer arrived today - and it's gorgeous! My husband's strumming it as I'm typing. The wood's fabulous, and your craftsmanship's incredible. This instrument will be treasured and played a lot. We'll be sure to keep your website handy when we bring it anywhere so we can tell other folks where we got it.Thank you ever so!-Karen 

Just a note to let you know that a year later the six-string dulcimer you made for me is sounding even better than ever. Aging wonderfully, sweet sounding, bringing lots of life to our humble home. Thanks, Ken


Stan, Yes, My instruments were safely delivered today in ;good condition. Very impressed with your craftsmanship Stan! Excellent timbers and detail. Set up perfect. You delivered beyond expectations. Iwill sing your praises and look forward to getting on stage with my BigLeaf instruments. Thanks again and I am pleased you worked hard to get finished and over to Australia by Xmas. Well done! Regards Sean Kenan

First off let me say thank you for building such a fine instrument at a very fair price. It sounds as beautiful as it looks. I can't seem to put it down since I got it home. My wife is already referring to it as "the other woman". Many of my friends are very interested in your work. I suspect you'll be seeing some orders from the Kansas City area soon. Mark


F. Hello Stan: I just want you to know that I received my instrument, and it is totally awesome. Sounds great, looks beautiful and I love the case! I'm so psyched I may skip all the important things I need to do today, and do a little recording instead!My group has been invited to play on Canada Day at Bellevue House in Kingston, which was once the home of Sir John A MacDonald when he was a young lawyer. It's going to be a fantastic addition to the group, and all that I had hoped it to be. I will tell my friends about you! I have already passed on your name and website to a friend who was looking for a Octave Mandolin. Yours, Alice CHi


Stan: I went on vacation and met a guy for the first time and we spent three days jawing music and trotting out the ‘petting zoo’. Thanks to this quirk of fate, I had the opportunity to play one of your dulcimers. Now here’s a REAL instrument – clearly several notches above “one level higher”. I want one! Stu

Three years now since purchase, give or take a bit, and the walkaround still gets daily playing. Out of the five stringed instruments I have (none of which I play particularly well), the dulcimer you made is my go to instrument, still more fun to play than any of the others, and it sounds better than any of them. I can't say enough about the quality. As I said before, still bringing joy to our humble home. My kids are starting to take an interest too. It may very well be my son's first instrument!!! Thanks again, Ken from Massachusetts

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