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Recent Reviews from Etsy

Hello Stan,


I have received the lyre safe and sound--It's sound is beyond beautiful. Both of your lyres that I own are sure to bring me happiness for many years to come. Thank you so very very much.

Here are a couple videos of me playing each of your lyres if you're interested:

Steve     (Big Strummer)

5 out of 5 stars

I am so excited about my Strummer. It is such a beautiful instrument. Great workmanship with attention to detail. The sounds is "music to my ears". I cannot put it down! 


Awesome Anglo-Saxon lyre, it sounds and looks amazing! Thank you for this!



Sounds very beautiful & looks very beautiful 

Great Ocarina! Super sound, made with fantastic hardwoods, fast shipping!




Stanley has enriched my life with the beautiful harp that he built with great skill and love. I highly recommend Stan’s instruments and follow-up service. He really cares.




Beautiful ocarina, and shipped quickly!




Fun instrument! Sounds great, really fun to play, fast shipping, well made and holds tune very well. Lee

What can I say - I LOVE MY LITTLE STRUMMER!!! It puts out clean, beautiful music that sings loudly! Great Instrument! The Seller is wonderful to work with as well! Buy with confidence!!!



Lee Ann

Beautifully made lyre. Solid construction, fine finishing, with gorgeous resonance.

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Jean (Viking Lyre)

A fun, easy to play instrument. Would recommend to anyone who wants to play an instrument but doesn't want to invest the time in learning a more difficult instrument. David (Anglo-Saxon Lyre)

Beautiful instrument. Looks great and has a wonderful sound. Stan is a true craftsman. Thank you.



Britta   (Viking Lyre)

Gorgeous instrument with a lovely sound.



Nan     (Ukulele Strummer)

Lovely instrument and craftsmanship! I had been looking for a steel string ukulele as a compliment to my nylon stringed tenor uke and this fit the bill. I love the tone created by this small uke. Definitely better for strumming with the narrow neck but a whole lot of fun to play.


This flute was excellent in both looks and voice, I’d highly recommend a flute from this maker


quick delivery, good communication from seller

Updated a review on your listing: Excellent quality and wonderful customer service! Very happy with my purchaseKerri.

musical l instrument maker

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