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Native American Flute
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Hi - My name is Stan, my wife’s name is Glynnis, together we started making musical instruments about thirty years ago .We design and construct a variety of stringed instruments,  

We like selling to musicians, but also to people who have never played an instrument before but always wanted to. So we concentrate on several easy play instruments,  our shop motto is "Instruments made to be played"


We are currently making Native American Style Flutes Lyres, both king David ten string lyres and Anglo Saxon seven and nine string Lyre/harps.These Instruments are supper easy to play and very rewarding.


We have lived and operated in several parts of Canada, but for the last ten years have settled in the Okanagan Valley, a beautiful wine producing region in central British Columbia, I love making musical instruments (and music) and will continue for many more years to come. For more information about my instruments email me.